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CHANGES TO 2017-18, 2018-19 CALENDARS
November 10, 2017

Dear NBAPS stakeholders,

I am writing today to share important revisions to our calendars for the next two years. Last night the school board approved these changes. The calendars can be viewed here.

In order to allow as much time for construction over the next two summers, North Branch Area Public Schools has made changes to the school year calendars for this year and the 2018-19 school year. The changes that follow represent the school board’s effort to create the necessary time while being mindful to craft solutions that will be the least disruptive for families, students, and staff.

Changes to 2017-18 Calendar:
  • Two staff development days, Jan. 12, and April 2, have been changed to student contact days. These will become regular school days with the same expectations for attendance.
  • The last day of school for students has been changed to June 1, and the last teacher day to June 11.
  • Graduation has been moved to Sunday, June 3.
  • Holiday breaks and spring break are unchanged.

Changes to 2018-19 Calendar:
  • As in 2017-18, staff development days have been rearranged and replaced with student contact days during the school year. This includes Sept. 28, Oct. 22, Nov. 30, Jan. 18, Feb. 15, March 8, and April 22.
  • The last day of school will be May 31, and the last teacher day June 6.
  • Graduation will be held on Sunday, June 2.
  • Holiday breaks and spring break are unchanged.

2019-20 Calendar
The school district board assumes changes will be needed to the 2019-20 calendar, but it is too early at this time to determine what changes will be necessary.

The calendars at the district website ( have been updated to reflect these changes. I understand that these date changes may cause inconvenience to your family schedules. We appreciate your support and flexibility during this exciting time.

Deb Henton
North Branch Area Public Schools
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