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Gifted education forum coming to Princeton
In a few short weeks, the Mid-Minnesota gifted education advocates are hosting a gifted education forum at Princeton Primary School. Legislators, teachers, administrators, parents and students are invited to meet in Princeton with gifted education advocates from your localities, regarding the value of gifted education and the needs to expand such education and to honor its state funding expectations. 

The meeting will take place on November 16, from 6:45-8 p.m. at 1206 7th Avenue North. If you would like to attend the event, please use this link to RSVP:

This three-part forum will: 
  • Describe the successes and current needs of gifted education in Minnesota, through the eyes of a wide range of parents and educators of gifted youth
  • Review a current piece of MN House and Senate legislation, sponsored by the DFL Disabilities Caucus and the MN Educators of Gifted and Talented, that may address some frequently-seen, gifted-related, funding and policy needs facing these and many other districts around the state, and…
  • Encourage audience discussion of what can and should be done, through possible bi-partisan support of this proposed state legislation and of local district attempts to educate the gifted
There are some pressing reasons, relating to both funding and policy, to push for enhancements to state and local gifted-education legislation in 2018. There certainly are a number of gifted services in some school districts in the northern tier of the state. However, some gifted students, especially those with disabilities, those of color, and those with income challenges and language differences, may not be served fully across Minnesota. Many gifted advocates would like for the amount of state gifted monies to be increased so that a much fuller range of the state’s gifted can be served and so that gifted monies are indeed spent on this underserved population.

Organizers are confident that this exchange will be most instructive to all involved! Legislators might learn about the many assets of gifted education and about its funding problems. The advocates might learn about how the legislative process works and about what might come next for gifted legislation in 2018. 
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