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North Branch Area Schools voters approve three school funding requests

(5.23.17) – North Branch, MN: North Branch Area Schools voters approved three school funding requests at a May 23 special election:

  • Q1 – Maintain schools: $59.225 million 25-year bond approved 62% yes (# 1844) to 38% no (# 1132. Enables the district to fund safety and security improvements, deferred maintenance and updates to classrooms and other district facilities including:

    • Upgrade security cameras and radios

    • Add fire sprinklers

    • Repair or replace boilers, electrical/heating controls, roofs and windows

    • Improve traffic flow and safety

    • Upgrade auditorium seating, lighting, sound system

    • Update Education Center for early learning programs

    • Update outdoor facilities

    • Remodel classroom spaces to meet 21st. century learning needs

    • Update equipment in classrooms such as home-ec and vocational education

  • Q2 - Improve athletic spaces: $10.94 million 25-year bond approved 55% yes (# 1623) to 45% no (# 1346). Enables the district to expand and improve gym and athletic program space at the middle school and high school including:

    • Build a two-station gym addition connected to the high school to alleviate crowding

    • Increase space for physical education classes

    • Update the weight room to improve safety

    • Improve air quality in both the middle school and high school gyms

    • Increase athletic storage space

    • Expand opportunities for community events and activities

  • Q3 - $500,000 per year 10-year technology levy approved 59% yes (# 1761) to 41% no (# 1211). Provides funds to support technology used for classroom instruction including:

    • Maintain up-to- date, high quality instructional technology and resources

    • Provide students access to digital tools and learning resources, creating equity across all grade levels

    • Support teachers with the tools and resources required for effective instruction and learning

    • Provide a stable source of funding for technology teaching tools

    • Waive the $40 protection plan for families in the 1:1 computer initiative (2018-19 school year)


“We are incredibly grateful to our community for their support of our 3,000 students and more than 400 staff through these yes votes,” said Superintendent Deb Henton. “Strong schools make strong communities, and we will work hard to make the most of each and every dollar invested in our schools. Thank you North Branch!”


The school district will now consult with its financial experts, builders, and designers and work through next steps.


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*Results are unofficial until canvassed by school board on June 1, 5 p.m.
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