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March construction update

A spring construction update

Construction preparation has been ongoing this winter and with projects set to begin this spring, there are many details I can provide.

Construction will begin at Sunrise the week of June 4, and will include reconstruction of the front parking lot entrance area. The office area will be available for staff use, though may not be air conditioned everyday depending on the work being conducted.

Tentative dates have been set for Ed Center and kindergarten staff to meet with ATS&R and Kraus-Anderson staff to plan for the remodeling of the building.  Though planning is beginning now, projects pertaining to the North Branch Area Education Center are scheduled to begin the summer of 2019, and be completed in the summer of 2020. Brooker Building projects will be completed the second summer of construction as well (2019).

Movers will begin removing furniture at all schools beginning the afternoon of June 1. On June 4, demolition will begin at the high school and middle school. 

A drop-off area still needs to be designated for students who participate in summer school at the middle school July 9 to August 14 (depending on program) as there will be paving work being done in the immediate area. Once details around middle school summer programming have been finalized, we will connect with affected families.

Middle School fields will be usable through early to mid-July. Two baseball and two softball fields will be improved and other minor work will take place in that area.

It is likely that work on the high school football field will begin the second week of April, weather permitting!

Discussions continue regarding the bus garage and what work should be done at that site given the potential for a leasing agreement with a bus contractor. As most of the work is related to safety issues, it may require completion regardless of the transportation arrangement.

Weekly construction meetings with district and construction personnel have been established for each affected site and will continue through completion of projects. 

Furniture for improved areas is expected August 20, and will be ready to go when staff arrive the following week.

I will continue to provide updates as they are needed, using this space.

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