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Maintain, Improve, Invest 
construction updates
Thank you residents of NBAPS!
North Branch Area Schools voters approved three school funding requests at a May 23 special election.

Question 1 was approved by a margin of 62% yes (# 1844) to 38% no (# 1132), and enables the district to fund safety and security improvements, deferred maintenance and updates to classrooms and other district facilities.

Question 2 was approved 55% yes (# 1623) to 45% no (# 1346), and enables the district to expand and improve gym and athletic program space at the middle school and high school.

Question 3 was approved 59% yes (# 1761) to 41% no (# 1211), and provides funds to support technology used for classroom instruction.

Read the full press release here. Stay tuned to this webpage for updates on the construction process:

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