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Open Enrollment
Each year, eligible employees have the option to change to a different health insurance benefit plan, or add or drop coverage for health and dental insurance. In addition, you have the option to participate in the district’s Flexible Benefit Plan. Open enrollment dates vary by employee group.

In addition, all employees may elect to participate in the school district's flexible benefit plan which allows for tax savings for day care expenses and out of pocket medical and dental expenses. Sign up for the flexible benefit plan aligns with the timelines for insurance open enrollments.

Click on the headings below for your employee group.

All Employees Except NBEA (Teachers):

September is open enrollment for medical and dental insurances, and the time to sign up for flexible benefit plans. Premiums for health insurance will increase by 4.9% for the 2018-19 year. All forms must be received in the District Office by September 20th to elect changes or participate in the flexible benefit plan.

NBEA (Teachers):

The NBEA has elected the Public Employees Insurance Programs (PEIP) for medical insurance effective October 1, 2015. The open enrollment timeline for PEIP is January 1st. Information about rate changes and open enrollment will be posted when they become available.