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World's Best Workforce
The World’s Best Workforce Plan (state statute, section 120B.11) is a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan to support and improve teaching and learning with the ultimate goal of creating the world’s best workforce. It is intended to serve as a foundational document that aligns educational initiatives that serve students pre-k through high school. It is based on five goals:
  1. All students will come to school ready for kindergarten
  2. The achievement gap will be closed
  3. All students in third grade will achieve grade level literacy
  4. All students will attain career and college readiness before graduating from high school
  5. All students will graduate from high school.
NBAPS’s World’s Best Workforce Plan serves as a blueprint that demonstrates how current school district initiatives and plans work together in a concerted effort to create a quality workforce equipped with the necessary skills for the 21st century.

2014-15 WBWF annual report
2014-15 WBWF annual report summary

2015-16 WBWF annual report

2016-17 WBWF annual report summary
2016-17 WBWF annual report