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NBAPS staff wellness program
Sponsored by Resource Training & Resources...your ally in health
How is our staff wellness program funded?
Our district staff wellness program is funded by a grant that we receive each year from Resource Training and Solutions. The amount of this grant is based on how many employees in our district are in the health insurance pool.

We have a District Wellness Committee that consists of staff from each of our buildings. We meet approx. 5-6 times a year and plan the wellness events for the school year. We then go back to our buildings and coordinate the events. We welcome your ideas, comments and concerns by clicking on the Contact Wellness Committee button on the left.

District Wellness Committee

Sue Shockley – Chairperson
Lynne Wilzbacher –Sunrise River School
Kirsten Leaf – Sunrise River School
Cindy Berg– High School
Joan Audette– High School
Jonelle Nelson - Bus Garage
Don Kivimaki – Food Service
Arle Chambers – NB Education Center
Jody Spofford – NB Education Center
Paula Vaughn – NB Education Center
Wellness events