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Health services contact information
Please use the following contact information for health staff at North Branch Area Public Schools.

Brandie Christenson, LSN
Brandie Christenson serves as the LSN for, Early Childhood, Sunrise River School and the middle school grades 5-6. She can be reached in the following ways:
Sunrise office: 651-674-1194 
Middle school office: 651-674-1309 

Amber Stumne, LSN
Amber Stumne serves as the LSN for the Life Work Center, high school, and middle school grades 7-8. She can be reached in the following ways:
Phone: 651-674-1525 

Health clerks

Sunrise Elementary School - Deb Reed
Phone: 651-674-1107

North Branch Area Middle School - Cheri Perrault
Phone: 651-674-1308

North Branch Area High School - Tanya Giese
E-mail: ;
Phone: 651-674-1507

Fax numbers
Early childhood: 651-674-1210
Sunrise: 651-674-1110
Middle school: 651-674-1310
High school: 651-674-1510
STEP: 651-674-1410