Teacher Professional Development - Bridging D3 - North Branch Area Public Schools

Teacher Professional Development

Planning for Phase I, II & III of the Bridging D3 program starts with the professional development of our talented staff here at the North Branch Area Public Schools.  We believe in giving our staff the time and support they need to effectively deliver, manage, and explore all the possibilities that today's learners will be experiencing.  Our professional development team has put together the following Summer professional development program for our Bridging D3 Cohort II staff in grades 5-8 & 9-12.

-3 - Full Day Professional Development
-15 Hrs of Curriculum Writing Time
-4 - after school sessions through the course of the school year for additional professional development and collaboration
-"WIN" (when I need) Professional Development throughout the course of the school year

Professional Development time includes the following areas of learning:
  • SAMR Model of Learning Overview
  • Chromebook How To
  • Google Apps for Education (Drive, Calendar, Forms, Google Chrome Apps, etc..)
  • Youtube Channel
  • Digital Device Classroom Management
  • Schoology in the Classroom (Classroom content creation, student/parent communication)
  • Device Troublshooting and Support
  • Digital Curriculum Resources
  • Digital Citizenship
  • And much more...