FAQ - Bridging D3 - North Branch Area Public Schools


Below is additional information about the Bridging D3 program.  If you are unable to find the information needed please feel free to contact Darin Marcussen (651-674-1099) or David Treichel (651-674-1055).

Will a protective cases be provided for the Chromebooks?
Yes, we will have a protective work-in case that the students will be required to have on their Chromebook at all times.  If a student loses or needs an additional case they can be purchased for $25 from the District Technology Department.

Will we have to pay for the use of the Chromebook?
There is a $40 non-refundable service and protection plan payment that provides the students with a one-time accidental breakage, lost or stolen protection.  Any subsequent damages will be the responsibility of the families as stated in the Chromebook Users Guide.  This service plan also includes services like online apps, virus protection, and content filtering to protect your child while using the device.  *The $40 fee will be waived for families who qualify for free and reduced meal status.

Will students at home need a wireless internet connection to use the device?
While it may be easier to do some work with access to the Internet, students will be able to download most information they need onto their device to work on at home.  If wireless is needed the district has extended school hours where your child is able to come in before or after school to access our wireless network.  Please contact the appropriate school building to find out about the extended hours. There are also plenty of local businesses that welcome your family and offer free Wi-fi services, in addition the East Central Public Library - North Branch also offers fee internet services to the community.

Will there be technology support from home?
Other districts' 1:1 initiatives show that the need for home technology support is minimal.  We will be offering after-hour technology support through email only.  If you are in need of technology support please email the district technology department.  technology@northbranch.k12.mn.us or call 651-674-1097

Will there be content filters on the Chromebooks?
Yes the district has enabled a content filter that will be filtered through the districts approved CIPA content filter.  Students, whether at school or home, will have to pass through the content filter.  *The North Branch Area Public Schools does its very best to protect students from harmful content that the Internet may possess.  Content filters are not 100% effective, please take the time to monitor your child's behavior while at home.

What control do I have at home with the Chromebook?
As a parent you are in charge.  You have the right to make the rules as to when your child is allowed to use the device at home.  Please support your child and get involved with what they are doing at school with the device.

How long will my child have the device?
The device will be issued during the first week of school.  They will then be collected during the last week of school.  The same device will be issued at the start of the new school year, so it is important that the child takes care of the device since they will be using the same device for the next 4 years.  *If your child leaves the school district at anytime during the course of the year, they will need to turn in their device before leaving the district, any device not turned in will be submitted as a stolen device with the local police department.

What are the expectations of my child day to day when using the Chromebook?
Students are expected to comply with all school rules, policies, and teacher directives when using their Chromebooks. Expectations include, but are not limited to:

  • Bring Daily - Students are expected to bring their Chromebooks to all classes, unless specifically advised not to do so by their teacher. 
  • Fully Charged - Students are responsible for fully charging their Chromebooks at home each night.
  • Loaner Chromebooks - “Loaner” Chromebooks may be issued to students when their Chromebooks are being repaired at school. A limited number of loaner Chromebooks are available so a loaner cannot be guaranteed.
  • Coursework Responsibility - If a student leaves their Chromebook at home or does not fully charge the device, he/she is responsible for completing the coursework as if the Chromebook were present.
  • Responsible Use - Students are bound by the North Branch Area Public School District Internet Responsible Use Policy and all rules of this Chromebook Agreement regardless of where they use their Chromebooks and regardless of the source of the Internet connection.
  • End of the School Year - Chromebooks will be returned to the District at the end of each school year. Students will be issued the same Chromebook the following school year. The Chromebook and accessories must be in good working order when returned. If the Chromebook and accessories are not returned, the parent/guardian may be held responsible for payment in full or replacement cost.

What should a student do if their Chromebook is broken, lost or stolen?
Students should report a damaged, lost, or stolen Chromebook to their school's media center immediately.  If the Chromebook is reported as stolen the student/parent must submit an online police report immediately.  You can find the online report at 

Is Printing, Paper, and Textbooks Going Away Completely?
No. Our world is becoming more digital and less dependent on paper materials. Reducing paper and printing can produce a cost savings. The North Branch Area Public Schools is not mandating all curriculum to become digital. By increasing students’ access to technology, teachers will be able to provide a wider range of curriculum materials from a variety of media.