Early Childhood Special Education - Early Childhood - North Branch Area Public Schools

Early Childhood Special Education
Early intervention services are available for young children ages birth - 6 years who show developmental delays in the following areas: speech/language, motor skills, social/emotional skills, cognitive skills and functional skills. A formal evaluation is conducted to identify specific needs, and then individualized program plans (IFSP's and IEP's) are developed to help children reach their greatest potential.

Services may include:

Screening Assessment and evaluation
Early Childhood Special Education
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Educational Speech/Language
Vision/Hearing Services
Autism Consultation
Parent Education
Social Services
Public Health Services
Home Visits
Preschool Experiences

Services and support for children ages birth - 3 years are provided in the home, but can also include other natural environments such as child care and early childhood family education settings. Services for children who turn 3 by September 1st, are usually provided in the school environment which could consist of the following: preschool classes, ECFE classes or individualized time with a specialized teacher.

ECSE staff supports young children with special needs and their families by: Helping children do the best they can through their individualized program plans which are based on their needs. Supporting and educating families to help promote the abilities and accept the limitations of their children. Promoting community-based experiences for children in the program. Referrals/concerns can be directed to the Early Childhood Office at 651-674-1220.