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Welcome to the REDite Page
Welcome to the REDite Page: information home for the yearbook

This site was designed for students, staff members, parents, and community members interested in aspects of the North Branch Area High School yearbook. REDite is name of the North Branch High School Yearbook; a term created by combining the school colors, red and white (black is just an accessory).

Order Info REDite Yearbook orders may now be done online. Online ordering allows you to purchase with a credit card or even make payments. ORDER ONLINE: Yearbook ID Code: 11873018

**Purchase early and get your book for $65!** Personalize your book with an engraved nameplate for just $10!!! Our staff is pleased to use LifeTouch as our publishing company.

REDite Advisor: Julie Cooley 2016-17
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Front Office: (651) 674-1523