Vision, Mission & Goals - Bridging D3 - North Branch Area Public Schools

Bridging D3 Vision and Goals


“Inspire dreams, build integrity, and instill hope in our students, our staff,our families, and our communities.”


Bridging D3 Mission

"Ensure all learners develop the necessary life skills in preparation for college and career"  

Students participating in Bridging D3 will be prepared to demonstrate digital responsibility, technological awareness and the ability to use technology to research, collaborate, communicate, produce innovative academic products. Bridging D3 is about creating engaging, dynamic learning environments to prepare students for the world beyond our school doors.

Bridging D3 Student Learning Goals:

1. Ensure we are creating engaging and relevant learning experiences and development of life skills

2. Ensure the learning experiences that encourage cooperation, collaboration, and innovation

3. Ensure we maximize all of our resources to create, research, communicate and produce academically sound products

4. Ensure we demonstrate respect, self-control, ethical behavior and empathy as classmates and members of our communities

5. Ensure we are responsible citizens in our schools and communities, as well as the digital world

Responsible Citizenship:

Being a responsible citizen in our schools, communities and the digital world requires responsibilities adapted for a changing world. It is important that we educate our students on what this means. This conversation will continue throughout our time with our students. We embrace the following conditions of being a digital citizen:

  • Respect yourself. I will select names that are appropriate. I will consider the information and images I post online.

  • Protect yourself. I will protect my personal details, contact details or a schedule of my activities.

  • Respect others. I will NOT use technology to bully or tease other people

  • Protect others. I will protect myself and others by reporting abuse, and not forwarding inappropriate or hurtful materials or communications.

  • Respect & protect intellectual property. I will suitably cite and use intellectual property (websites, books, media, software, etc.) according to the copyright or creative commons licensing.

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